Sky Blue Credit Review – See Why They Are the Best!

Sky Blue Credit Repair is a company that has been offering professional and quality credit repair as well as restoration services since the year 1989.

The company has well trained, experienced and dedicated employees who love their jobs and take great pride in the efforts they’ve been consistently putting to build an efficient and effective company that is friendly to its customers.

Unlike other credit repair companies which pay their employees on a commission basis, Sky Credit Repair pays its employees fixed salaries, thus enabling them to concentrate on delivering quality services.

The company is completely dedicated to providing credit repair services. Since it doesn’t offer any other products/services, it’s able to solely focus on helping its clients to achieve their credit goals where you can see their review here of Sky Blue Credit Repair. It’s very helpful for those needing an honest review of the company.

It employs a tried-and-tested methodical approach that has always proved to be effective in giving clients not only satisfactory experiences but also a genuine improvement that lasts forever.

The exceptional process employed by Sky Blue Credit Repair

How to delete bad creditAll clients who seek the services of this company are taken through a standard process that involves three steps/ stages:

Getting started. Review & set-up stage. The dispute process.

Getting started

A client is first required to complete a simple sign up form that is available on the company’s website. Upon completion, an email that contains instructions on how to get the company a three-bureau credit report is automatically sent to him/her.

When Sky Blue Credit Repair’s employees receive a client’s credit report, they conduct a detailed review, take note of important issues and then send a list of items that they consider as dispute candidates to him/her (client) via email.

Additionally, the client receives a list containing practical tips on how his/her situation can be optimized and rebuilt.

The dispute process

At this stage, employees of the company challenge the concerned credit bureaus with issues that they deem erroneous concerning their client.

Copies of the back-and-forth correspondence between the credit repair company and credit bureaus are also sent to the client.

If concerns that have been raised with credit bureaus aren’t addressed, the company’s employees will continue following up the concerns until they are properly addressed/ corrected.

Competitive advantages of Sky Blue Credit Repair

The company has managed to build a solid reputation and consistently beat its competitors because of the following competitive advantages;

Efficiency Superior results The Pro Advantage A clear guarantee Intelligent guidance Easy cost structure


Employees of the company have a reputation for working extremely fast and smart. They are able to dispute 15 items every 35 days, which is quite an impressive number.

Superior results

The company has a great method that uses a set of effective tools which ensure that clients eventually get value for their money.

The Pro Advantage

Sky Blue Credit Repair’s employees have the capacity of identifying any and every dispute candidate. Most of their competitors don’t have a similar capacity.

Clear guarantee

The company offers a money-back guarantee that lasts for three months. Clients are therefore assured of either getting good results or refunds of their money.

Intelligence guidance

Sky Blue Credit Repair really cares about its clients’ credit scores. It, therefore, recommends certain actions that clients must take to make their scores optimal.

Easy cost structure

The company only charges review/ set up fees after the sixth day, while monthly charges are only credited after the 30th day.

Additionally, clients aren’t asked to execute any upgrades that may confuse them.